Attractions of our region

Get to know the natural beauties of our country and learn the rich history of the area, but

Island Of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece

The island is an integral part of the history of the city of Ioannina, and is connected with the history and the death of Ali Pasha. There you will find eight monastic complexes as well as the Museum of Ali Pasha, which contains local costumes and documents of the era as well as personal items of Ali Pasha and kira Frosini.

Cave Of Perama

One of the most important caves in the world is located at a distance of four kilometers from the center of the city of Ioannina. It belongs to the horizontal caves with a length of routes around 1km. The different formations of stalagmites and stalactites, the wealth and the combination of colors creates an unsurpassed natural beauty. In the 1940s it was used as a refuge of the inhabitants during the bombing by the Italians.

Museum Vrellis

The wax museum of the sculptor Pavlos Vrellis is one of the attractions that you should definitely visit. The waxworks museum, in physical size and embedded in a faithful representation of the environment of their times, to recreate forms of newest mainly history. Three thematic sections of the Museum: the pre-Revolutionary period, the events of 1821 and images from World War ii.


The theater of Dodona is one of the largest and best preserved ancient Greek theatre, with a capacity of about 18,000 people. Was an integral part of the sanctuary of Dodona, and built in the 3rd p.X. century, in the context of the ambitious building program carried out by Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, in order to reshape the pan-hellenic sanctuary and give him a monumental character.

Vikos Gorge

Together with the Samaria gorge is the most popular in greece, determination of the concept of "gorge". It has a length of about 10 km. and passing through the gorge takes about seven hours of exciting track. The route usually starts from Monodendri from where a steep descent leads to the bed. The little creek water from November to June. The crossing of the gorge is, therefore, the easier the rest of the months. The route progresses through to a wonderful dense forests and near the rocks of the walls grow very rare wild flowers and herbs for the famous Vikos.

Mountain Range Of Tymfi

Resembling more to the Alps than with the other Greek mountains, the mountain range of Tymfi, the peaks of which reach up to the 2.497 m, forms in the north of the Aoos gorge and the southwest, the imposing gorge of Vikos gorge, the river Voidomatis. In the south, the mountain range of Tymfi ends up gradually plateaus and several deep canyons.


The Zagori area is a mountainous region in the heart of the Continent. The name Zagori is of slavic origin and means "the place behind the mountain", and specifically behind the mountain Mitsikeli of Ioannina, which is the natural boundary of Zagori to the south. The area consists of 47 villages. The altitude of the area ranges from 500 to 2,500 m. which is the highest peak of the City, the Camel.


Beautiful and picturesque town, with a lot of tourism, authentic traditional architecture, which combines wood and stone, good food, and developed infrastructure. Is the place of origin of some of the major National Benefactors, therefore, is famous for its great spiritual growth.


This is an earthly paradise that combines them all and offers a unique experience to each visitor. Tzoumerka is a set of beautiful traditional settlements περιτριγυρισμένων by ravines, canyons and steep mountains. The complex mountainous terrain and crystal clear rivers enchant the visitor.