Services our hotel

The Hotel Kastro cover all the needs of our customers to the fullest, meeting all their requirements.

At the hotel Castle we continually strive to improve the services that we provide to our customers. We give much importance to the satisfaction of our guests and we are open to any proposal that would raise the level of our services and provide you with a comfortable and pleasant stay.

The fully renovated rooms of our hotel are decorated with refined taste and passion while maintaining many elements from the classic and traditional style of γιαννιώτικων mansions, but without lacking in modern amenities. The reception center is always open for any need or question of our visitors not only with regard to their stay in our hotel, and general information concerning your stay in Ioannina, and the attractions of the surrounding areas.

The location of our hotel ideal for your stay in Ioannina and is located a stone's throw from the beautiful lake Pamvotida, while the city centre is also very close. So you can enjoy countless rides, walking on a lake or in the streets of the fortress city and the old town of ioannina, Ioannina, greece. With regards to your car I don't need to worry since our hotel has ample parking.

Even for the hours you want to relax in our hotel, you can navigate on the internet after we provide you with free access to the internet through WiFi in all areas of the hotel. Alternatively, you can enjoy moments of relaxation and tranquility while enjoying the view to the walls of the castle and the acropolis Kale.